Sean Kearney was born on August 10, 1980 and grew up in Marlton, NJ. Sean found his interest in lasers and light at the early age of 10. While flipping through the pages of a "Boy's Life" magazine, he disovered an advertisement for a small Helium Neon laser module offered by Meredith Instruments. Sean still can't explain exactly what his attraction was to the device but he knew he had to have one. After saving some money Sean was able to purchase the laser module. With his fatherís help (and a trip to Radio Shack), Sean observed for the first time that beam of beautiful coherent light. This first experience with the laser was the start of Sean's ever growing passion for the science of light. Years of tinkering and experimenting brought several milestones for Sean throughout his years of school and science fairs including his "Laser soda dispenser" and his locally famous "CO2 Laser lawn mower". Eventually this journey in lasers and optics led him to his dream job. Today Sean works as a full-time Optical engineer for Honeywell Scanning and Mobility. Sean designs both imaging and laser based barcode scanning devices and currenly holds several optically related patents. His childhood passion has turned into his career!

Sean is married to his beautiful, loving and supportive wife Laura Kearney. Laura
 has been Sean's (The Laser Guy's) greatest supporter and inspiration. Still today
Laura encourages the laser guy to pursue his endeavors and accomplish his
dreams. Laura is a full time educator as an orchestra director teaching strings to
4th through 6th grade students. She is "The Laser Girl"!
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