Sean P. Kearney - Why do they call him Laser Guy?

The name "Laser Guy" came quickly to Sean when he arrived at the local schools with his lasers. Sean lovingly accepts his second name that all the children in his audiences call him!

By day, Sean is a full time optical engineer designing both laser and imaging based barcode scanners.

By night, Sean is still in his lab playing with lasers!
Who is the Laser Guy?
For years I have worked to share my passion and excitement for lasers and optics with young people.  The greatest challenge is finding ways to adapt the high level physics and theory to an audience that still may not be allowed to cross the street alone!  I have discovered that the best method to accomplish this undertaking is to use laser show displays.  As laser shows are the ultimate convergence of music, art, science and technology, they engage all audiences of any age, any background.  The sole purpose of my efforts has been to expose young minds to all of the exciting science and technology that surrounds them (most particularly the science of light).  If just one child is inspired to pursue a career in the field of optics I would consider my efforts a success! 
~Laser Guy

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." ~Albert Enstein

The Laser Guy with Kathleen Maiman
(Wife of the late Theodore Maiman - Inventor of the Laser!)

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