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About LGP

Back in 1999, the Laser Guy was invited to a local elementary school "Science Day" to give a brief demonstration on lasers. With just a single HeNe laser and a small fog machine, this very first demonstration turned out to be an absolute success with the students and teachers. Since that first small demonstration, the Laser Guy's program has grown into a full educational road show on lasers and optics!

LGP now owns and operates a full planetarium-style laser show projection system with closed loop scanning. Multiple colored lasers are combined to produce a single white light laser beam and when modulated can produce 16.7 million color combinations! The galvometric closed loop scanning enables the laser guy to project beautiful color laser show imagery - from complex abstract patterns to detailed images and animations. All of this imagery is precisely choreographed to recent music that the children love. Additionally, the Laser Guy incorporates aerial laser beam effects with light fogging and intelligent lighting similar to what is seen at a rock concert. The laser guy is able to turn a classroom or auditorium into a laser show planetarium with only 2 hours of setup!

Thanks to a generous grant from SPIE and some recent upgrades, LGP is currently in the process of producing new laser show content that will better help students to understand the science of light. Stay tuned for updates!

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