LGP requires a great deal of support equipment to set up a laser show demonstration. 
The primary laser display is projected on a large 16ft X 10ft screen.  This projection screen is attached to a free standing truss structure that can be assembled in a large auditorium as well as a small classroom.
Additional truss systems are utilized to support the several intelligent lights that are mounted in the air.
As LGP utilizes the benefits of newer air-cooled and solid state laser technology, no water cooling or large electrical services are required to power our laser systems.
To enhance the visibility of the laser and lighting effects, LGP utilizes light hazing generated by an F-150 High End system theater fogger.  The fog fluid used is water based and is supposed to be odorless; however, childen often comment that the fog does have a slight scent of "maple syrup".  The generated fog has no effect on allergies and its water based solution has no worse effects than being in a shower without getting wet.  LGP demonstrations only require an extremely light haze (NOT A SMOKE SCREEN) and may not even be noticable if dispersed just before the arrival of the audience.