To add a little more depth and audience submersion into a laser show, LGP utilizes disco / club style intelligent lighting effects that are choreographed to the laser display. 
The word "Intelligent" lighting means that the light fixture is capable of not only acting as a spot light but can add various animation to the light display.  Typical intelligent lights like the ones used by LGP have mirrors that can move via precise stepper motors (called scanner fixtures).  The mirror redirects the spot to PAN and TILT the projected light spot.  Addtionally the pattern (Gobos), colors, shutter and intensity can be controlled.
Intelligent fixtures are controlled by a signal called "DMX-512".  This is a standard lighting control protocol throughout the lighting industry and allows control of 512 individual channels.  Typical intelligent lights have 6 to 7 channels, each channel controls PAN, TILT, COLOR, ETC....  Each lighting fixture is connected via a standard XLR  (3-pin michrophone style) cable.   These XLR cables transmit the DMX-512 signal to each of the addressable lighting fixtures and can be daisy-chained.
At the DMX lighting console, each individual light fixture is addressed, controlled and programmed.  When programming a show, the lighting designer will postion each light with the appropriate color and pattern depending on what the scene needs.  The lighting operator can "fade" between scenes;  depending on the fade time the fixtures will slowly or quickly change effect.  These dynamically changing lighting scenes in combination with light fogging produce a complete audience sumbersion.  These lights can safely scan the crowd, unlike the lasers which must only scan well over the heads of the audience.
LGP owns and operates several intelligent fixtures and will try to incorporate them into the programming where appropriate.