Venue Requirements
Electrical Power:
Lasers typically consume a great deal of electrical current. However, LGP utilizes the benefits of diode pumped laser technology in combination with our small frame Argon Ion Laser system to produce the same punch as a large frame laser but at a fraction of the electrical consumption. LGP's Laser systems can be powered by the standard 120VAC \ 15 AMP (20 AMP preferred) residential electric outlet.
It is recommended that the chosen venue have several outlets available and at least one of those outlets be part of a separate electrical circuit. It is important that the location of the circuit breaker box be known as well as accessible. If LGP will be sharing the venue with another service (i.e. Disc Jockey or another presenter) it is imperative that the other service provider have their own dedicated electric circuit. Please notify LGP regarding what electrical service is available before the start of the event.
Audience Separation:
LGP takes laser safety very seriously and values the safety of its audience. In order to ensure this safety many standards must be followed and may dictate what effects may or may not be performed at a particular venue.
Site access:
LGP requires a considerable amount of time to setup and align our laser systems. Typical shows require 1 to 3 hours of setup time. It is important that arrangements be made to allow LGP venue access as well as sufficient time to setup. It is reqired that the venue NOT be occupied by anyone other than LGP personnel during setup and alignment.

Projection surface\ screen considerations:
Laser shows require a bright white surface to project onto for the graphic and animation elements of the show. LGP typically uses a large projection screen that can be free standing. White walls can also serve as an excellent projection surface. To comply with the audience separation requirements it is important that the area between the laser projector and projection surface not be accessible by non personnel. The distance between the projection surface and the laser projector is determined by the required size of the projections.
Smoke Machines:
For shows involving beam effects it is required that light hazing or smoke be used in order to see these impressive effects. If smoke machines are overly used and areas of the room become saturated this CAN set off smoke alarms.  If smoke machines are used in moderation false alarms can be avoided. However, if the show is to occur at a venue where the fire alarm system is monitored by the fire department or external alarm companies, it is required that the alarm system be switched to its test mode. If the audible alarm is disabled it is imperative that the system be closely monitored in case of a true alarm emergency.